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Patent No. 5,427,530

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What is EnviroScape?

The EnviroScape program has grown to be a diverse collection of portable, interactive models addressing nonpoint source pollution, hazardous waste, wetlands, riparian and groundwater issues. Coastal, landfill and urban add-ons are planned for release in 1997/1998.

Part of EnviroScape's charm is that participants are able to use all of their senses and relate to their own community while better understanding global issues, while they learn how to prevent water pollution.

The three-dimensional landscapes illustrate residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial and transportation areas -- all representing possible sources of water pollution. Children and adults learn by using chemicals (drink mix) and loose soil (cocoa) throughout a typical community and seeing how their actions and others may affect our water. EnviroScape actually emphasizes pollution prevention: a second demonstration shows how to prevent such pollution.

EnviroScape is an interactive, hands-on education and communication tool that is effective with all ages. In addition to being successfully used with students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, EnviroScape is also used by universities, soil and water conservation districts, city governments, utility companies and civic and environmental groups around the country. As more than one teacher has told us, EnviroScape is "the best educational tool we have."

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Some schools have even integrated EnviroScape into existing curricula, while others are creating new curricula based on EnviroScape.

EnviroScape's attractiveness, portability and versatility have attracted worldwide attention. Today, EnviroScape is being used in all 50 states, Canada, Poland, France, Australia, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, and JT&A continually receives inquiries from all over the world.

EnviroScape is listed in major school material catalogs - and JT&A is working with both public and private organizations to place EnviroScape in educational outreach programs and schools throughout the nation.

Patent No. 5,427,530

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What is the EnviroScape Program?
The EnviroScape Program is a unique collection of hands-on, interactive models, instructional videos, curriculum and services designed to be the basics of a water education program -- or added to an existing program.

What does EnviroScape contain?
EnviroScape II, the newest version of the EnviroScape nonpoint source model, is packed in a durable carrying case with wheels, ideal for transporting locally or shipping. The easy-to-use model (approximately 25" x 30" x 5"), comes complete with a kit containing everything you need to demonstrate the movement of water through a watershed and the pollution that runoff may cause: cocoa, and powdered drink mixes, felt vegetation swatches, clay berms, and props such as miniature vehicles, trees and cows. (Can be purchased with or without carrying case.)

Also included in EnviroScape II:

  • An attractive User's Guide with glossary, providing easy-to-use guidelines to aid an instructor, group leader or facilitator in presenting a demonstration.
  • An Operating Guide - quick and easy instructions on how to set up the display.
  • A Location Key - a map of the model for easy placement of components.
  • HANDLE WITH CARE: Your Guide to Preventing Water Pollution - an entertaining, user-friendly and practical guide, published by the Terrene Institute.

What EnviroScape models are available?
In addition to the EnviroScape II model, which teaches about nonpoint source pollution, we have the Wetlands and Hazardous Waste models, a Groundwater component and a Riparian kit. A landfill model is scheduled for release in Fall 1997. Coastal and Urban models are also under development. The EnviroScape II, Wetlands, Hazardous Waste, and Landfill models are offered as stand-alone deluxe units or as interchangeable tops or accessory parts that can be used to expand your program cost-effectively. The Groundwater component and Riparian kit can be used with all the models.

How is EnviroScape used?
The EnviroScape family of models are powerful tools to demonstrate and compare major environmental scenarios -- how pollution occurs, how to prevent it, and how to clean it up. The 65-page free-standing User's Guide that comes with EnviroScape II is an important aid describing the activities occurring in the model and giving a thorough explanation of what is happening and why. Each model comes complete with a supplementary guide. These guides also describe related activities and offer suggestions to create demonstrations.

Who learns from EnviroScape?
EnviroScape models are interactive educational and communication tools designed for all ages and all levels of expertise. Children are fascinated by the model's charm, its realism and the opportunity to participate in the demonstration. Teenagers and young adults receive a compelling picture of pollution's effect on a watershed. Adults gain insights from customized demonstrations in a variety of settings. For ages 5 and over.

Who should use EnviroScape?
Anyone interested in teaching others about water pollution prevention. EnviroScape models can be used both in formal education settings and by corporate and business planners, public planning and environmental agencies, safety and emergency outreach efforts, and environmental education and outreach programs.

Are EnviroScape models easy to maintain?
Yes. EnviroScape should be washed with dish soap and water after use. Buildings, bridges, trees, cows, vehicles, and other components are removable for easy cleaning. The durability of the EnviroScape models ensures that with proper care, the model will last through many demonstrations.

What if I'm not satisfied?
In the unlikely event that EnviroScape or one of its other scenarios does not meet your needs, or if you're not 100% satisfied, JT&A will provide a full refund less shipping costs. Just return it in excellent condition within 10 days, postage paid.

Do I need EnviroScape II or another Deluxe Unit to use the add-on scenarios?
Yes. Add-on scenarios use components and accessories (such as the clear base, some buildings, trees, etc.) that are provided in any of the stand-alone deluxe units.
The Groundwater component and the Riparian kit are the exceptions -- they can be used with any EnviroScape model. (Initial tests indicate, however that many users prefer to use this kit with EnviroScape's Wetlands scenario.)

What will fit in the Deluxe Carrying Case?
The Deluxe Carrying Case will expand to hold up to two landscape maps (add-ons) and the groundwater component along with the EnviroScape II deluxe unit. However, we do not advise shipping it this way.

Here's a peek at some of EnviroScape's satisfied users:

  • Community Groups, PTAs
  • Cooperative Extension Offices
  • Corporations
  • Elementary Schools
  • Government Agencies (City, County, State and Federal)
  • High Schools
  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • Nonprofit Groups
  • Public Utilities
  • Resource Centers
  • Soil & Water Conservation Districts
  • State Departments of Natural Resources
  • Universities
  • Zoos

EnviroScape is now in all 50 United States, Canada, Poland, Australia, Guatemala, France and Taiwan.

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About JT&A

JT&A's skill in translating technical and scientific documents into lay language has made us a pacesetter in environmental education and communication tools.

The EnviroScape Program is JT&A's most popular product. Conceived, designed and produced by JT&A - we hold the patent - EnviroScape graphically illustrates how water becomes polluted and how that pollution can be prevented.

JT&A created EnviroScape to educate individuals about their own responsibility for preventing water pollution. Our many years of public outreach experience have reinforced one message:

We are all responsible for causing
water pollution - and we must each
take responsibility for preventing it.

Patent No. 5,427,530

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Washington, DC and Philadelphia

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